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Chaos Cloud

Published in Chaos Group

Chaos Cloud bietet Kunden die Möglichkeit ihre Projekte sehr schnell ohne eigene leistungsstarke Hardware zu rendern. Ebenso entfallen bei Chaos Cloud Konfigurationsarbeiten, die normalerweise beim Nutzen einer Renderfarm notwendig sind, wie z.B. das Aufsetzen von virtuellen Maschinen.

Ngenea HSM

Published in Pixit Media

Economically store and protect valuable media assets with PixStor Ngenea HSM, an extremely fast, highly scalable, data management layer unifying high speed PixStor storage with object and cloud storage into a single PixStor global namespace. 

on-premise oder cloud

Published in Dienstleistungen

Wie haben Sie Ihre Infrastruktur organisiert? Egal ob lokal am Arbeitsplatz, dedizierter Serverraum oder ausgelagerte Rechenzentren - wir kennen die jeweiligen Vor- und Nachteile und realisieren auch Hybridlösungen.

PixCache Cloud

Published in Pixit Media

VFX organizations are ideal candidates for harnessing the power of the Cloud. Constantly faced with tight project deadlines and competing for new projects, they need to act quickly to spin up infrastructure to catch up or add capacity for new project wins. Augmenting their own infrastructure and “bursting” to the cloud, gaining access to more compute power at peak times, is the ideal use case for VFX studios.

PixStor Search

Published in Pixit Media

Organizations are generating exponentially increasing amounts of data. Locating specific data through manual techniques is becoming increasingly problematic, to the point where valuable data is effectively lost forever.